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Golden H Morocco Moroccan Green Clay Cleansing Mask

  • Deep Pore Cleansing

  • Oil Control & Detoxification

  • Super effective for acne-prone skin


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Dioxide, Silicon oxide, Calcium oxide, Protactinium, Dihydro-vanillin, Silicon, and Calcium. Rich in minerals.



  1. Place two teaspoons of mixture in a blending container.

  2. Slowly mix and mix in a ratio of 1 to 2 water or rose water until all dissolves into a paste.

  3. Gently pat the face with the mixture, paying special attention to areas with acne-prone skin, avoiding the eyes, and wash thoroughly with water after two to three minutes.

Hair care:

  1. Apply the clay mixture into hair and massage into gently

  2. Rinse after two to three minutes, paying special care as there may be some of the mixture stuck to the scalp

Whole body care:

  1. While bathing, massage the mud mixture onto feet, back, or acne-prone areas. 

  2. Gently rub to rinse out after two to three minutes, leaving the skin beautiful and rid of dead skin cells and dirt.

What it does:

  1. Balances excessive oil secretion

  2. Deep cleansing and detoxification

  3. Removes blackheads

  4. Shrinks appearance of pores

  5. Exfoliates skin, increases brightness and fights dullness

  6. Enhances skin absorption